A Timeline of Berlin-Brandenburg - 1300's AD
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1307 Berlin and Cölln form a union in order to protect and expand their rights against the margrave. Twelve aldermen from Berlin and six from Cölln hold their meetings in the new town hall they share. Each town has its own administration and budget, maintaining internal independence while presenting a united front to the outside world.

1320 The Brandenburg Askanien (Ascanian) line comes to an end, and from 1323 until 1373 Brandenburg is under the control of the Wittelsbach family, better known as the rulers of Bavaria.

1338 The Berlin Bear becomes the symbol of Berlin's strength.

1356 December 25 The Mark Brandenburg becomes an Electorate when the Golden Bull confirms the ruler of the principal line as prince-elector and decrees the indivisibility of the Mark Brandenburg to which the electorate is attached. From the Golden Bull in 1356 until the Empire's end in 1806, the Margrave of Brandenburg was also one of the Electors of the Holy Roman Empire.

The style of the elector was von Gottes Gnaden Markgraf zu Brandenburg, des Heiligen Römischen Reichs Erzkämmerer und Kurfürst (By the grace of God margrave of Brandenburg, arch chamberlain and prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire), to which numerous actual as well as notional styles were attached.

1360 Berlin-Cölln becomes a member of the Hanseatic League, representing the cities of its region at the League’s meetings in Lübeck. This association of merchants and cities permits the development of wide-ranging trade relations, but Berlin-Cölln carries no great weight in the League. The city gives up its membership in 1518.

1390 A Berlin town hall on the site of the northwest corner of today’s Berlin Town Hall in the Mitte borough is mentioned for the first time.

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