A Timeline of Berlin-Brandenburg - 2000 ++
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2000 November 9 On the eleventh anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall more than 200,000 gather at the Oranienburgstrasse Synagogue and march to the Brandenburg gate in support of "Humanity and Tolerance." Neo-Nazis and violent nationalists avoid the celebration. Several grave desecrations and violent incidents take place in a number of smaller cities.

2001 May The new Federal Chancellery is occupied and staffed, signifying that the move of the Bundestag and the government to Berlin is officially concluded. Other office buildings go up near the Reichstag building: the Jakob Kaiser House for members of parliament, the Paul Löbe House for parliamentary committees, and the Marie Elisabeth Lüders House for the library and reference and research services.

2001 November 9 Annual demonstrations commemorating the fall of the Berlin wall are held in Berlin.

2001 November 20 The United Nations announces upcoming talks in Bonn, Germany, to forge a post-Taliban government in Afghanistan. The Northern Alliance agrees to attend talks in Berlin. At a conference in Washington, attended by 21 countries to discuss the reconstruction of Afghanistan, U.S. Ambassador Colin Powell says, "We are going to have an enormous obligation… to not leave the Afghan people in the lurch, and not walk away as has been done in the past."

2002 October 3 The newly restored Brandenburg Gate is the scene of national festivities celebrating the Day of German Unity. During the ceremony, the Gate is unveiled to reveal new splendor after almost two years of restoration work.

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