A breakdown of how hosting services work

Hosting services are a fundamental service on the internet. Most of the people who use them, however, find them to be a bit too technical, and they as such rarely understand how these services operate underneath. This is usually due to lack of simplified information on how the hosting service works. Here, we break down the service into its constituent components in order to explain how it all comes together.

Operating system for the server

At the core of any hosting solution, there is a physical server device that enables the entire computing system to function. The type of operating system that is used on the server will usually provide a name for the hosting service. This is why it is common to see a service provided called Windows hosting. This service is provided on a server that is operated using the Windows Server operating system. Windows hosting is designed in a way that employs proprietary web technologies that have been created and are owned by the Microsoft Corporation. For this reason, they are best used where the website was also made with their technology.

Content management system for the hosting solution

Content Management Systems, more commonly known as CMSs are the software that enables the client to upload, manage and remove their content from the server. They are also what enable the webmaster to publish their content onto the internet. Content hosted on a server must be managed in a different way from normal computing content. This is because it needs to be accessible to a multiplicity of internet users at the same time. Two of the most commonly used hosting platforms are Joomla hosting and WordPress hosting. Joomla hosting is simple to use and is able to manage many types of content. Its open source format makes it a favorite tool for anyone building a website using open source software design. WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is useful for managing multiple bits of small media content. This makes it a preferable hosting solution for anyone who is seeking to host a blog or similar website.

The content management system, it must be made clear, is critical to the ability of the webmaster to publish their content. This makes the choice of the CMS to use of even more importance than the operating system of the server.

Additional hosting related terminology

One of the most commonly requested hosting services is the email hosting service. This allows a webmaster to create email accounts that are linked to their web domain either on the main directory or any of the sub-directories created there under. Email hosting is a useful service for anyone seeking to create professional email accounts for their company.

A second hosting related terminology in common use is reseller hosting. This is not actually a real hosting service but rather a reference to the service provision method. Reseller hosting is where one buys lots of server space cheaply and subdivides it to sell it at a profit. It involves bulk buying from a wholesaler and selling it to multiple users.

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