Deciding between Wordpress and Joomla hosting

Wordpress and Joomla are both open source CMS or Content Management Systems. Both Wordpress hosting and Joomla Hosting are immensely popular on the whole, but have some distinct features which users ought to understand before embarking on setting up a website. For ease of reference, both are discussed separately to give you a better understanding of the two.

Wordpress Hosting

In terms of technicality, Wordpress is an extremely easy CMS to navigate and learn about. Wordpress is a blog and offers free hosting for bloggers. It has over 12,000 plugins for you to update pages and posts. It can also be used as a website and offers a hosting account and domain name registration. It has templates and designs that can be chosen by the user to create a personal feel to it. It can be set up very quickly and takes a minimum of 2 days to get recognized by Google. It is also a stable CMS and won’t crash easily, and is more popular with a 55.1% market share. It is not complicated to use and is best suited for small businesses to launch their sites.

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Joomla Hosting

Joomla hosting is best for handling complex and large websites. It has over 6000 extensions or plugins. It is also created to accommodate forums, updates and membership areas. It is easy to construct a navigation structure without technical knowledge. It is, however, not easy to set it up and without technical knowledge, and you are more likely to fumble and take longer to have it up and running. The theme templates are easy to set up and versatile. It takes a bit of time to have Joomla recognized by Google but once it is set up properly, SEO extensions can be utilized. It is recommended for sites that require a lot of information management and large corporations.

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Overall, both CMS have what it takes to support the various needs of users who choose to work with them as long as they have taken their time to evaluate their specific needs.

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