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Die Linke (The Left) is a German political party that came into being on June 16, 2007, as a merger of The Left Party/PDS, the former Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED), who ruled East Germany (GDR/DDR), and Labor and Social Justice – The Electoral Alternative (WASG). Its leaders are Lothar Bisky and Oskar Lafontaine.

As of June 2007, the party had 71,800 members (60,300 came from The Left Party/PDS and 11,500 from the WASG, making it the fourth largest political party in Germany. In the first week after this leftist unification, there were about 2,500 new members. The party is also represented in the Bundestag, where it is currently the fourth largest faction (of the five represented), holding 54 of 614 seats. The electoral strongholds of the party are located in the states which were previously part of communist East Germany, where also the large majority of its members come from.

A few months later, on Saturday, September 1, 2007 at the Linksruck Delegate Conference, Linksruck delegates decided upon the dissolution of the popular Linksruck organization. In the official dissolution request it was stated, "the conference requests all members of Linksruck to participate with their ideas and traditions in the structure of leftist parties and contribute to the stabilization of Marxist positions."

The old Linksruck website is no longer being updated. It is available however as archives. Former Linksruck members, together with other Marxists, have created a new network. For more information see: www.marx21.de

Marx21.de - Machine translation of the Marx21 Network for International Socialism.

Internationally, Die Linke is a member of the Party of the European Left and is the largest party in the European United Left–Nordic Green Left group in the European Parliament.

History Since 1989 - From Die Linke's Perspective - In English.

Die Linke's Key Programmatic Points - In English.

Berlin Political Personalities

1. Lothar Bisky - A resident of which borough

2. Oskar Lafontaine - A resident of which borough

3. Name or Alias Here - A resident of which borough

Articles and News Stories

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An American journalist interviews Berlin high school students.

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Spying was made public by Der Spiegel and confirmed by the Berlin Senate.

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