The German People's Union (DVU)

The German People's Union (DVU - German: Deutsche Volksunion) is a nationalist political party in Germany. It was founded by publisher Gerhard Frey as an informal association in 1971 and established as a party in 1987. Financially, it is largely dependent on Frey. The party is monitored by the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz.

As of 2005, the party has never reached the five-percent minimum in federal elections that is necessary to enter the Bundestag. The DVU has however gained seats in several state parliaments.

In 2004, the DVU entered a non-competition agreement with the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) for the state elections in Brandenburg and Saxony. Both parties passed the five-percent threshold in their respective states. The DVU reached 6.1 percent in the Brandenburg state elections, and the NPD won 9.2 percent in the Saxony state elections. After this relatively successful election, the parties formed an electoral alliance for the 2005 federal elections. The joint NPD-DVU slate, which ran under the NPD's ballot line, won 1.6 percent of the total votes nationally.

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DVU website in German — or English machine translation.

Berlin Political Personalities Today

1. Gerhard Frey - Chairman of the DVU, which he founded in 1971.

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Röbel, Sven. Internal NPD Documents Reveal Chaos: Germany's Right Wing Extremists in Disarray. Spiegel Online.

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