How to avoid losing all your business email

It is now customary for businesses to have an official email for their employees to use in communicating between themselves and outside the business. A common problem that is faced by these companies that are using business email solutions is the loss of valuable emails that they may need later. Businesses may realize that they are unable to get information that was contained in past communication when they need for something important such as communication analysis and litigation. The reason for this loss can usually be traced to the email solution that they acquired from their service provider.

First, a good business email solution is one that is capable of providing adequate amounts of space for the storage of all the emails that the company has ever sent. The best way for most hosting providers to avail this to the business is to make it possible for the business to archive all of their old communication for as long as they need to. The mail is then moved off of the main email server but can be retrieved when needed. Second, businesses that use mail management solutions need to set this such that emails that are deleted on these solutions are still kept on the server.

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