The Borough of Lichtenberg
Stasi Museum

Lichtenberg is a district in the east of Berlin. In 2001 it was merged with Hohenschönhausen. Lichtenberg contains the Tierpark Berlin, the larger of Berlin's two zoological parks. Lichtenberg was also the site of the headquarters complex of the Stasi, the infamous East German intelligence service. The Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial is on the site of the main remand prison of the Stasi. See our borough maps.

Lichtenberg is mostly a residential district, but there are all classes of people living there. The center of Lichtenberg (with buildings from the 19th century) is home to the working class, as is the center of Hohenschönhausen (built mainly in the 70s in rather ugly GDR socialist building block architecture). The middle class resides in the greener areas like Friedrichsfelde, whereas in Karlshorst you can watch some smaller mansions of the upper class. Most interesting for tourists are the Stasi relics and museums, the Tierpark (zoo) and some remarkable architecture as the Mies van der Rohe house.

Use S-Bahn (lines 5, 7 and 75) or U-Bahn (U5) to get into Lichtenberg. You can also use the regional train, but it's not as regular as the S-Bahn. The stations of biggest interests are S-Bahn station Lichtenberg (from which a few long distance trains run) and Tierpark (U5). S-Bahn Line 75 also goes to Hohenschönhausen.

The Individual Localities (Ortsteile) of Lichtenberg:

Ortsteile: Alt-Hohenschönhausen, Falkenberg, Fennpfuhl, Friedrichsfelde, Karlshorst, Lichtenberg, Malchow, Neu-Hohenschönhausen, Rummelsburg, and Wartenburg.

Popular Places to Visit in Lichtenberg:

  • Stasi Museum - The main Stasi prison facility in East Berlin.
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