Linux hosting simplified

Linux web hosting is the use of a server that is operating on Linux operating system to host the files of your website and install the scripts that enable your website to function properly. This allows your website to be accessible over the internet. This is an important type of domain hosting as it enables the publication of websites to the internet that are designed to function on open source software. Open source software is a free form of software that has an open source code. This means that it is usually accessed over the internet as a free download and anyone adequately skilled can tinker with its source code and make alterations and modifications where they deem it necessary.

Linux web hosting has several advantages over the rest of the domain hosting options that are available out there. You get access to a wide range of open source based software applications, widgets, and scripts that you can add onto your website. This form of web hosting may be cheaper than the other forms that are based on proprietary software. Linux operating system is remarkably stable and has longer uptime and shorter downtimes than its competition. This translates into increased reliability of this domain hosting option.

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