The Borough of Neukölln (Neukoelln)
Neuköllner Opera

Neukölln consists of four areas (Britz, Buckow, Rudow and Neukölln). Historically, Neukölln was a working-class district with a large number of migrants. Neukölln offers big contrasts between the poorer northern part and the more village looking south parts. Southern neighborhoods Britz, Buckow and Rudow became part of Berlin in the 1930s and kept its structure. See our borough maps.

Neukölln is known for its high immigrant population. To see the their influence on Neukölln culture, get out at U-Bahnstation Hermannplatz and walk down Karl Marx Strasse south toward the next station, Rathaus Neukölln (town hall). On Sonnenallee, Karl Marx Strasse and Hermannstrasse you will find a lot of telephone shops at discount rates. Most windows of these shops reflect the nationality of the storekeepers.

The U-Bahn line U7 is the heart of Neukölln. All stations from Hermannplatz to Grenzallee are northern Neukölln. Between Parchimer Allee and the last station Rudow you will see smaller houses, apartment blocks and more green.

The Individual Localities (Ortsteile) of Neukölln:

Ortsteile: Britz, Buckow, Gropiusstadt, Neukölln, and Rudow.

Popular Places to Visit in Neukölln:

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