Popular Newspapers and Magazines in Berlin

Below are some of Berlin's (and Germany's) most popular online newspapers and magazines. Should there be a newspaper or magazine you would like to have added to our listing, please contact our administrator, and we will include them as soon as possible, or if you prefer, simply leave your suggestion in the Comments area at the bottom of this page.

For a larger selection of media, visit our sister-site: NewsTran.Com

Older Articles and News Stories of Interest:

The Cold War as Ancient History
An American journalist interviews Berlin high school students.

A Berlin Commune Fights Developers
The Köpi in Berlin's Mitte district is a symbol of the city's far-left scene.

A Huge Step Towards Left Unity in Germany - Victor Grossman on Die Linke - MR Zine

German Intelligence Service Spies on Berlin Social Forum
Spying was made public by Der Spiegel and confirmed by the Berlin Senate.

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