Peaceful Dissidents and Iconoclasts

It is difficult to find almost anyone in Berlin without strong political and social opinions, although most of them are entirely peaceful and law abiding. Yet in this diverse political milieu a relatively small number of dissidents and iconoclasts have frequently been a major component of domestic political and religious change. Below you will find the views and opinions of some of Berlin's most interesting characters.

Berlin Personalities

1. Ernst Bittcher - A homeless resident of the borough of Pankow

2. Sven Buchner - A resident of Friedrichshain

3. Your Name or Alias Here - A resident of which borough

Articles and News Stories

A Berlin Commune Fights Developers
The Köpi in Berlin's Mitte district is a symbol of the city's far-left scene.

The Cold War as Ancient History
An American journalist interviews Berlin high school students.

German Intelligence Service Spies on Berlin Social Forum
Spying was made public by Der Spiegel and confirmed by the Berlin Senate.

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