The Diverse Political Scene in Berlin Today

Berlin politics today is multi-faceted and extremely convoluted. This WikiSite is dedicated to exploring fully all the different shades and colors that make up the fabric of life in Berlin. And at the same time, we firmly believe in the American ideal of free speech, no matter how crazy or uninformed some may seem. If anyone is offended by what they read in our Comments sections, we ask only that you remember the words of the great Maxwell Perkins.

Opinion Varies Greatly Among the Citizens of Berlin

A Complete Listing of Political Parties in Germany*

1. The Berlin Left Parties

1.1 Center Left - Social Democratic Party - SPD
1.3 Center Left - Alliance '90/The Greens
1.3 Progressive Left- DIE LINKE

2. The Berlin Center

2.1 Christian Democratic Union - CDU
2.2 Free Democratic Party - FDP

3. The Berlin Right Parties

3.1 Extreme Right - National Democratic Party - NPD
3.2 Center Right - German Peoples Union - DVU
3.3 Center Right - The Republicans - REP

4. Anarchists and Troublemakers

4.1 Moderate Anarchists
4.2 Radical Anarchists

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