Quick guide to a successful domain transfer

What you will need

Your domain host user account and password. These must be already activated and, therefore, readily functional. You will also need a working email account and a proper internet connection. The entire transaction of domain transfer is completed via the internet, so you need a reliable connection preferably on a desktop device.


How to go about it

You must first log into your domain host user account using the account name and password. This will give you access to the domain control dashboard provided by the service provider. Navigate to where the domains that are registered under this account are listed and select the domain you would like to transfer.

Once you have made the selection, there are menu options that will become activated allowing you to manage the domain. You will see a domain transfer option provided. This will allow you to transfer the domain either to another user on the same domain registrar or to a different domain registrar. Select the option relevant to you. This action may need you to enter your password as confirmation before it can be completed. They will send a security confirmation code to your email account which you must retrieve before proceeding. Once this has been entered, the domain transfer process will be initiated on the registrar and a security confirmation code will be sent to the new owner of the domain as provided by you.

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