The Borough of Reinickendorf
Dicke Marie

Reinickendorf is a district in the northwest of Berlin. It consists of the localities of Tegel, Reinickendorf, Märkisches Viertel (70s built apartment blocks area) and some small, village-like areas. In general, it is a very green district with many lakes and ponds and the neighborhoods have typical small town cityscapes. In addition to the airport there are a number of minor sights of interest to tourists, especially architecture in Tegel. See our borough maps.

Tegel Airport is located in the southwest of Reinickendorf, 15 minutes from the center of the locality of Tegel. From the airport you can get into the center of Berlin with the bus lines TXL, 109 and X9 or into the center of Tegel by bus 128 (change at Kurt-Schumacher Platz to U6 to Alt-Tegel). From the center of Berlin take the U-Bahn line 6 to Alt-Tegel, or the S-Bahn line 25 to station Tegel if you want to get into the center of Tegel. U-Bahn line 8 and S-Bahn lines 1 and 25 go through Reinickendorf, main stations are Alt-Reinickendorf (S 25) and Rathaus Reinickendorf (U8).

Schloss Tegel at Adelheidallee 17-21, a remarkable medium sized castle built between 1820 and 1824 by the famous architect K.F. Schinkel, is also located in Reinickendorf. It is often called "Humboldtschlösschen" because Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt (and their family) once lived there.

Not far from Schloss Tegel (at "grosse Malche") you can take a look at Dicke Marie, the oldest tree in Berlin, an oak growing there since about 1192 (so it's actually older than Berlin itself).

The Individual Localities (Ortsteile) of Reinickendorf:

Ortsteile: Frohnau, Konradshöhe, Heiligensee, Hermsdorf, Lübars, Märkisches Viertel, Reinickendorf. Tegel, Waidmannslust, and Wittenau.

Popular Places to Visit in Reinickendorf:

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