Learning More about Germany's Greatest City

Berlin: A Vibrant Modern City Steeped in Culture and History

Berlin's cultural scene offers an incredible diversity. Whatever interests you, Berlin is sure to have something that will perfectly suit your tastes. You can visit exhibitions, museums, the theater, historic buildings, beautiful parks, entertainment districts, night clubs, cabarets and much, much more. Berlin is literally packed full of things to do.

The city's public transportation system consists of the S-Bahn, the city's suburban rail system, and the U-Bahn, or underground. Highly efficient and well designed buses, both single and double decker, are also at your disposal all over the city. Riding on the top deck is a spectacular and cost-effective way to see large areas of the city.

Below you can examine a listing of Berlin's top ten attractions. This is by no means a definitive guide. There is plenty to do in Berlin, and some of the places on this list may or may not be of interest to you personally. However, it does outline some of the places that have been of interest to a majority of visitors in the past.

Berlin’s Top Ten Attractions:

Coming in 2012: The Berliner Stadtschloss (Berlin City Castle)

In 2007, the Bundestag (German parliament) made a definitive decision concerning the reconstruction of the old Berlin City Castle, which was demolished by the East German government (SED) in 1950. Plans call for three façades of the palace to be rebuilt, while the interior will be modern. Work on the Humboldtforum, as the new palace will be called, will begin in 2010. Off-site stonemasonry has already commenced.

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