The true nature of domain name registration

Domain name registration is a process that must be completed before a website is published onto the internet. As a result, many people tend to assume that this process is nothing more than a formality that must be done before a website can be allowed to run. This failure to understand the true nature of the registration process causes people to underestimate the true value of this process to their websites. Here is the true nature of this process.

Domain name registration process selects the URL that the website will use to enable internet users to access it on the internet. The process will, therefore, determine the name that the website will be recognized by on the internet. The domain name that the website uses will, therefore, be the first aspect of the website that will be recognized on the internet. The domain name that is selected should be, therefore, short and easy to remember. It should also be relevant and direct to the nature of the website. This will enable the website to become quite popular as the name will be easily remembered by the people who have visited the site. This increases the web traffic the site garners.

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