Three simple steps for successful domain transfer

After you search for and find a suitable domain name, you go ahead and register it through an ICANN accredited domain registrar. Many a times, the companies offering domain registration services also provide web hosting on their own or through an affiliation with a web host.

What happens when you decide to move your website from one web host to another? In such instances, you would have to transfer your domain name. Domain transfer is also necessary when you are giving up or selling your domain name to another person or business owner. How do you go about the entire process?

The three steps for domain transfer when you are changing your web host are mentioned below:

1. Contact your registrar and get your identify verified: Contact your current registrar and verify your identity by responding to an email sent from the registrar’s end. The email address would be the one that you had keyed in when you were completing the domain registration process. This method of verification is often used to confirm that you are the account holder.

2. Place a request: Put forward an online request for the transfer of your domain name. You can find specific instructions about how to place a request for transfer from the website of the registrar. Many a time, the registrar provides an authorization code. Remember this information as you might need to furnish it to the new registrar.

3. Connect with the new registrar: Connect and confirm your transfer with the new registrar. You can access the help section of the registrar’s website to know how you can do this.
The steps are more or less similar if you are planning on domain transfer to another person or business. The process of transfer is relatively simple when both parties have accounts with the same registrar. The website owner would need to visit the customer service section or the registrar’s website for the specific steps to this effect.

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