The Borough of Treptow-Köpenick (Koepenick)
Köpenick Palace

Treptow-Köpenick is a picturesque area of southeast Berlin. Köpenick is known for its old town, its castle as well as many lakes and forests. Treptow is a more residential district and well known to Berliners for its large park and beautiful views of the river Spree. In some parts you can visit large, ex-industrial areas which are now being transformed into other uses as cultural and shopping areas, or simply fading away. See our borough maps.

Treptow is best accessed by S-Bahn lines S45, 46 and 9. The most important station is Treptower Park. To get to Köpenick take the S46 to Spindlersfeld or the S3 to Köpenick and then consider taking one of the many trams to the old town and the old palace.

Line 68 is perhaps the most picturesque line in the city, known to transit system officials as "the most beloved tram line in Germany" due to its customers' passionate opposition to reducing service. In off-seasons it has more scenery than people, but when hot weather comes its lakeshore meanderings and the tiny, gemütlich village of Alt-Schmöckwitz at the line's outer terminal draw so many customers that extra trams are pressed into service. Line 68 may be best accessed at the Berlin-Grünau S-Bahn station, where all types of convenience food and shopping are available.

Beyond the village center and tram terminal, a large forested area of lakefront parkland offers hiking and bicycling possibilities. This was once the home neighborhood for expatriate American, international music and film star Dean Reed. The Line 68 tram itself had one brief moment of glory, in 1936. In its former incarnation as Line 86 it was the best route to the Olympic rowing events and some structures, street names, etc. still reflect that high point.

The Individual Localities (Ortsteile) of Treptow-Köpenick:

Ortsteile: Adlershof, Altglienicke, Alt-Treptow, Baumschulenweg, Bohnsdorf, Friedrichshagen, Grünau, Johannisthal, Köpenick, Müggelheim, Niederschöneweide, Oberschöneweide, Plänterwald, Rahnsdorf, and Schmöckwitz.

Popular Places to Visit in Treptow-Köpenick:

  • Treptower Park - Berlin’s second largest public park, designed by Gustav Meyer.
  • Arena Berlin - One of the best music and rock concert venues in Berlin.
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