Why companies must invest in enterprise email with archiving capacities

Business email is an indispensable tool for any company. As companies carry out their business activities, their employees will use email as their main communication channel. Most companies will send thousands of emails, or even more, in a day. Most business email is time and goal sensitive. It is only valuable for a short period of time after which it is deleted in most cases. However, eDiscovery has made sure that companies now need to store their emails for future reference. This is because companies are now required to produce electronic documentation in civil cases.

The best way companies can address this legal directive is by using enterprise email solutions that have inbuilt archiving capacities. Archiving enables a company to move all email which has been read and is no longer needed off of their main email server and into storage. This ensures that all emails sent by their employees are protected and can be retrieved later if necessary. Furthermore, business email archiving ensures that the company is able to retain any important communication for future reference. This is called a knowledge base for companies. It is used to increase effectiveness and productivity by helping the company to streamline their internal processes.

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