Youtube videos

I recently got a revenue-sharing offer on one of my more popular YouTube videos, but I’m not sure if I can legally take it or not. Google will automatically send out offers to YouTube users to turn on revenue-sharing for their popular videos. The video in question is tutorial on how to play popular Guns N Roses song Sweet Child Of Mine.. on ukulele. The arrangement that I teach on ukulele is completely my own, is in a different key than the song is normally played in, uses some different chord progressions, and leaves several parts of the real song out. It’s recognizable, but still very different. There are also no lyrics in the video and the arrangement is intended to be instrumental only. Does fair-use protect me in this instance? Would I be able to enable revenue-sharing for this video? Even if fair use did protect me, I’d wonder if Google would be too nervous to approve the video for revenue sharing anyway.. What do you think? bonus pariuri sportive

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